Introducing The Arcam Radia Series

Eastwood Hifi Arcam Radia Artwork

Introducing The Arcam Radia Series

Arcam are a legendary name in the world of British HiFi. We’ve recently committed to adding the brand to our arsenal and are proud to announce the new Radia series will be sold through Eastwood HiFi when it lands in early November.

There are 5 exciting new models in the line up including 3 new amplifiers, a single disc CD player and a very well specified network streamer.

The amplifiers start at a great price point with the A5 which offers 50wpc, analogue and digital inputs, a built in phono input for turntable usage and Bluetooth. This unit is already winning 5 star reviews and industry praise and is definitely one to watch!

The A15 jumps in power to 80wpc for anyone needing owning a more demanding speaker and gets an upgraded chassis, then the range topping A25 jumps again to 100wpc and gains a high-resolution USB-C input along with a reference grade ES9280A Pro DAC upgrade for all of its digital inputs.

The Radia CD5 is a wonderful single disc CD player with high-spec ESS Sabre DAC and the ability to play media files from CDs or the external USB input. With a matching aluminium chassis and stunning good looks it would be a superb addition to any high-end system.

The Radia ST5 network streamer ticks all of the boxes wanted from a network streamer including a couple that most of its rivals can’t. For starters it is Spotify and Tidal Connect certified allowing for playback straight from the relevant apps. Tidal’s MQA files are properly supported and decoded and the units Roon ready. Add to this Apples latest Airplay 2 and Casting functionality from Google rounds out this wonderful streamer making it one well worth a look.

You can find out more about the individual units in the links below:

Arcam Radia A5 Stereo Amplifier – $1,495.00

Arcam Radia A15 Stereo Amplifier – $1,995.00

Arcam Radia A25 Stereo Amplifier – $2,995.00

Arcam Radia CD5 CD Player – $1,295.00

Arcam Radia ST5 Network Streamer – $1,495.00

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