System Design

This page is designed to help you in building and buying a home theatre system, hi-fi system or multi-room system. We ask a few you a few questions (see below) and we respond with a suitable system suggestion based on the info you’ve provided.

Read on!

What is the best system for me?

Obviously everyone’s needs are different. These system suggestions can be fine-tuned by talking to one of our sales guys (I was going to call them Audio Consultants but none of them take themselves quite that seriously) to suit your individual requirements.

So what criteria do we use?

Generally, we need to know several critical parameters. Being as accurate and as detailed in your response below will help minimise any wasted time in identifying the most suitable hardware for the role.

Simply answer the questions below in an email to and we’ll endeavour to get a system proposal to you within 48 hours. Please provide a phone number in case we need to clarify anything during the design process.


1. System Type:

Are you looking for a home theatre system, hifi system or a multi-room/whole house system?

2. Room Size:

Although this may change in the future, this gives us a feel for optimizing the system to the current situation.

3. Seating Position:

The seating position is critical to determine the speaker size and placement to create the most immersive experience. Please provide the distance from the seating to the screen and the seating to the rear wall. If you are planning multiple rows of seating, please mention this here too.

4. Speaker Design:

Speaker size is very important to make sure that the best experience is delivered for both music and movie use. A small speaker in a big room will simply get lost and a large speaker in a small room would be underutilised so we need to get the balance right. Let us know if you would like floorstanding speakers, bookshelf, wall mounted satellite speakers, or flush mounted speakers in the wall or ceiling. Also, if you have any speaker colour requirements.

5. Movies or Music?

What is more important to you, the musical accuracy or movie use. A bit of both is a perfectly acceptable answer, so if you can let us know the percentage of use for music and movies that will help steer the choice of componentry.

6. Projector & Screen Combo:

Do you need us to factor in a suitable projector, screen, mount and cabling? If so, please let us know any needs or feature wishes that you may have, and we will try our best to accommodate them.

7. What do you want the system to do?

Is this system for a single room or would like audio distributed around the rest of the home? If you want a multi-room setup please advise the number of rooms, room sizes and the type of content required to be played back in each of these locations.

8. Budget:

Obviously everyone has a budget, although the perception of how much is needed may change (up or down) as the exercise progresses. This will allow us to assign the budget accordingly, save time and prevent under-quoting or over-quoting.


Remember the golden rule however (which no one sticks to) – the sound system should cost at least 2X that of the TV – preferably more, as the sound adds more to the experience than the picture.

If you wish to discuss your system needs over the phone, don’t hesitate to contact us on 02 9651 4922.