Cambridge Audio Introduce 2 New Network Streamers

Cambridge Audio Introduce 2 New Network Streamers

Cambridge Audio unveil not one, but two new products joining our lineup of network players.

The AXN10 & MXN10 bring StreamMagic smarts to any audio system, taking you far beyond your prized physical collection of discs. As well as the best-known premium subscription services, they have stacks of free options, such as internet radio and even Bluetooth.

AXN10 is a full-width hi-fi style product seamlessly matching our AX and CX series of separates, whereas MXN10 is half-width, making it an ideal companion for any audio product with an input – perfect for updating that vintage amp you’ve got lying around.

The MXN10 network player can bring the world of Hi-Res music to much-loved hi-fi set-ups and other audio systems. Its half-width compact footprint offers flexibility of placement. MXN10 can access free music, including internet radio, as well as subscription services – many of which offer free trials, so you’ll soon find your perfect streaming partner. MXN10 can play Hi-Res music from USB and NAS drives too. That’s digital music from limitless sources routed through one compact unit – all conveniently controlled with our StreamMagic app from your mobile.

The new AXN10 network player can breathe new life into your system – opening up the world of Hi-Res music for you. It slots seamlessly into an AX system, taking you beyond your prized collection of discs. There are stacks of free services, like internet radio, as well as the well-known premium ones – many offer free trials. Thanks to our streaming know-how, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality music easily from a variety of sources via our app.

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