Dunkirk UHD Blu-ray Review:

Dunkirk UHD Blu-ray Review:

Dunkirk Blu-ray and 4K UHD (released 2017). After winning Academy Awards for both Sound Editing and Sound Mixing our expectations for Dunkirk soundtrack were high Were glad to report it delivers from the outset, when a quiet street in a French village is suddenly rocked by rifle and machine gun fire. During this short scene all speakers come to life with some surprisingly loud sound effects and bass extension made all the more jarring as the proceeding moments are very quiet.

Shortly afterwards at the 6 minute mark British troops on the beach duck for cover as German planes launch an attack. As these dive bombers get closer they emit a frightening wail that gets louder and louder, which is very unsettling (and apparently quite close to the sound they made in real life as a form of psychological warfare).The musical score plays almost constantly, often with a pulsating bass line and accompanied by the sound of a ticking clock. These components (and others) combine to create a constant sense of unease and tension for the entire running time.Although this movie does not have overly aggressive rear surround effects (except at the start) it is loud and powerful, and almost overwhelming at times. And according to reports, this is what director Christopher Nolan was aiming for

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