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Yamaha NS-B951 Bookshelf Speakers

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Product Details:

The Yamaha NS-B951 bookshelf speakers offer the following features.

The NS-B951 takes bookshelf speaker quality to a new level, providing transparent sound from all types of data-rich, high

resolution sound sources. Even at high volumes, there is no loss of clarity or accuracy. The strikingly bold design matches the

audio performance.

- Soavo Concept: Delivering Natural Sound

- 16 cm (6-1/2”) Woofer with New A-PMD Combines Power with Accuracy

- Aluminum dome tweeter with DC-Diaphragm™ with neodymium magnet

- Innovative cabinet design (non-parallel surfaces)

- Three-way mitered-joint construction

- Highest quality parts including Solen capacitors in the networks

- Graceful appearance designed by Toshiyuki Kita

Soavo Concept: Delivering Natural Sound

Soavo speakers are created by Yamaha based on our long history and rich experience, including over 125 years of making

musical instruments and more than half a century of making speakers. In order to reproduce new high resolution sound

sources with the highest quality, the NS-901 series feature new speaker units and undergo extensive sound quality tuning to

further refine their expressive capabilities. You can be sure these speakers will deliver all the aural excitement that music and

movies have to offer.

16 cm (6-1/2”) Woofer with New A-PMD Combines Power with Accuracy

The large 16 cm (6-1/2”) woofer ensure that you can enjoy music at high volumes with no loss of clarity or accuracy. The

diaphragm is Yamaha’s newest A-PMD (Advanced Polymerinjected Mica Diaphragm) which has improved cone paper. It also

incorporates a powerful magnetic circuit with a large ferrite nonshielded magnet and a highly stiff aluminum diecast frame,

for outstanding power handling and responsiveness. Taking advantage of the A-PMD’s extreme lightness, rigidity and stability,

this woofer achieves smooth, fast response, and will capably reproduce high resolution sound sources.

Totally faithfully to even the highest range Aluminum Dome, DC-Diaphragm™ Tweeter

The 3 cm (1”) dome tweeter is made of aluminum for both hardness and responsiveness, uses a neodymium magnet. It delivers

sound that links the medium and high ranges with natural smoothness and transparency. Firmly integrating the diaphragm and

voice coil and using a thick surround material increases the sound density and resolution in the high range. With a heavy

aluminum diecast tweeter plate that minimizes unwanted resonances and an extremely fine mesh grill that provides ideal

sound dissemination, it faithfully reproduces dense sound atmospheres and nuances from high resolution sound source.

Built for Powerful, Accurate Sound Reproduction with an Innovative Cabinet design

The design of the cabinet is of course extremely important if the aim is to create a speaker with superior reproduction

capabilities. The goal was to reduce standing waves to ensure highest accuracy, as well as to provide a full, three-dimensional

sound with an awesome feeling of depth. The solution was to design a cabinet with non-parallel surfaces, having the woofer

and midrange sections divided by a slanted partition, and strengthening the entire enclosure with vertical ladder bracing.

Another important point is the three-way mitered construction of the cabinet joints, achieved thanks to Yamaha’s excellence in

woodworking. This technique ensures extremely tight joints so the entire cabinet behaves as a single unit, providing tight,

powerful and accurate bass reproduction.

Aluminum Tweeter Plate

A diecast aluminum tweeter plate isolates the tweeter from cabinet vibration and provides a solid attachment for the tweeter

unit. This prevents incidental movement, helping to ensure that the high range sound is clear and transparent, with no


High Quality Parts Including Solen Capacitors for the Network

The crossover networks employ the highest quality parts, including Solen metalized polypropylene capacitors and large

iron-core coils with carefully selected wire. All parts are connected by directly soldering each one individually, instead of using

printed circuit boards, further contributing to the rich and vivid sound. Finally, meticulous sound tuning ensures optimum

transitions between drivers for smooth and natural sound across the entire frequency range.

Graceful Appearance Thanks to Noted Designer Toshiyuki Kita

The original and beautiful form with no flat surfaces was designed by Toshiyuki Kita, an internationally famous product

designer. In addition to its high sound quality due to minimal standing waves, the elegant presence of the speaker displays

expressions which vary according to the viewing angle. The real wood veneer with luxurious piano finish presents an elegant

appearance for any home theater.

Yamaha Piano Black Finish

The glossy, lustrous finish is applied using the same techniques developed by Yamaha over many decades of manufacturing

beautiful grand pianos. It provides a perfect visual complement to the smooth, rich sound you enjoy from the speakers.


Type: 2-Way Bass-Reflex Bookshelf Speaker System

Woofers: 16 cm (6-1/2”) Advanced PMD cone

Tweeter: 3 cm (1”) aluminium dome

Frequency Response: 45 Hz-50 kHz

Nominal Input Power: 30 W

Maximum Input Power: 120 W

Sensitivity: 88 dB / 2.83 V/1 m

Crossover Frequencies: 3 kHz

Impedance: 6 ohms

Dimensions (W x H x D): 220 x 380 x 353 mm ; 8-5/8” x 15” x 13-7/8”

Weight: 9.7 kg / unit ; 21.4 lbs.