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   Triangle Color Loudspeakers

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The French do a couple of things well, Champagne, Escargot, Sex (so I’ve been told) and the occasional audio Loudspeaker. As I don’t particularly like snails or Champagne and am getting too old for sex, that leaves me to talk about the speakers. Back in my last house, which was big enough allow me a recording studio of kind, I tried many speakers as my reference for musical mix-downs, there were certain caveats however, they had to be relatively light as I needed to move them around a lot, have superb separation of vocals and instrumentation, be as tonally neutral as possible and as they were going to get knocked around a bit, inexpensive. I chose the Triangle Color Floorstanders as they were all of those things. They are what I’d describe as a Compact Floorstanding Speaker at 965mm High X 188mm Wide X 275mm Deep weighing in at only 15.5Kgs. They are 90dB efficient meaning any amplifier over 25Watts per Channel would be more than adequate and with a frequency range extending to just 45Hz (-3dB) offer superb bass response. They are designed in France by Triangle, a speaker company started over 36 years ago, and made in Malaysia. Finished in Gloss White or Gloss Black (red is no longer available) they look superb in any setting. The first thing you notice when listening to the Triangles is their magnificent vocal reproduction, it’s like the artist is in the room standing in front of the speakers, regaling the listener with their songs. The reproduction of acoustic guitar and strings make them stand out for Classical and Jazz. The clarity is almost breathtaking and takes one into another zone (assuming the drugs and alcohol didn’t beat the speakers to it). They are also great for Rock and all modern genres with the ability to re-create the dynamics of the drums and bass of the rhythm section at high output levels (amp allowing). I normally find speakers in this price range to be a little harsh sounding but the Triangles are as neutral as they come and their ability to go low means you don’t need a subwoofer as an adjunct - having said that, in my opinion, any speaker system without a subwoofer is like Fine Dining without wine. This review is done in context of the Triangles price as, if you’ve read my other speaker reviews, you’ll know that speakers and other pieces of audio gear have to be assessed on the basis of price vs performance. These speakers have a RRP in Australia of $2799 pair and are currently on sale at $1399 which is why they get review space and a gold star for performance. If this was a review look at in the context of the overall marketplace, I’d give the Triangle Color’s 8.0 out of 10 when judged at the RRP. Given their sale price of $1399 pair however, I’d have to give them 9.5/10.0 as there are very few, if any, floorstanding loudspeakers that offer this level of sonic reproduction at anywhere near the price. Conclusion? If you’re in the market for a Floorstanding speaker capable of both Music and Home Theatre and are on a budget, you’d have to include the Triangles on your “must audition” list.
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