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Hide and Seek Sub/Sat Speaker System -

RRP $999

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Funny name until you see the size of the speakers, around the size of the Boston Acoustics Soundware S, Cambridge Audio Minx and Bose Single Cube systems .The Hide and Seek are a very discrete 5.1 speaker system which are so small as to be virtually invisible. Available in White or Black, they can just sit on a cabinet or be mounted on the walls (they come with two wall mounts as most installations consist of the three units placed on the TV stand with the two surrounds wall mounted) extra mounts are available for $19 each if needed. The cubes measure just 90 X 90 X 110 mm (H X W X D) and utilize a 3” midrange driver and a ½” tweeter. Along with the 8” 250 watt (peak) subwoofer, these speakers can comfortably fill the average 7 X 5 metre lounge room effortlessly. Having previously sold Bose, Boston and Cambridge Audio, I was quite surprised that the Hide and Seek actually sounded fuller and had more weight to the sound than any of the others, they certainly sounded (to my jaded ears anyway) superior in terms of accuracy and dynamics, almost to the point of being up there with the Paradigm Cinema CT-100 5.1 package which is the next level up (RRP $1599). Playing my reference track, Joe Jacksons “Rain” it was plain to hear the Hide and Seek were musically capable  and would quite happily provide an excellent stereo system (in 2.1 or any DSP multichannel mode) with the speakers allowing the artist into the listening room and not throw him back inside the cubes. When playing movies, the little subwoofer can really give a kick and the speakers have great separation and sound staging. Way better than any other sub $1000 package I’ve tested. I’m not saying this set up will kick arse in comparison to, say, the Paradigm MilleniaOne Sub/Sat speakers (although as they retail for around $3000, I’m not surprised) but they fight way above their pay grade. Playing the Movie “Interstellar”  was a real workout and even at higher than normal listening levels, these small speakers offered no distortion and although the subwoofer managed to move across the room (I have polished wooden floors) it handled the deep bass of the spacship launch admirably (note to self- use the rubber feet in future). We tried the Hide and Seek system with several A/V Receivers (Sony, Anthem, Yamaha, Onkyo) and found no compatibility issues with any of those so those with Denon/Marantz, Pioneers or the like would not have to worry. The spec’s say an amplifier of 10 - 100 watts would suit but at 83dB I’d suggest a minimum power output of 40 watts would be needed with a maximum of over 100 Watts (as long as the power is not distorted, there’s no real maximum - it’s distortion that blows speakers far more than excess power, hence an underpowered amp is way more deadly than an overpowered one) The Hide and Seek speaker system would generally fall below our radar in terms of pricing and perceived performance but after hearing them, they fill a gap between the systems available from the mass marketers and specialist Hi-Fi stores. I’m more than happy to recommend them to anyone on a budget who needs an accurate, good sounding set up which is minimalist. Highly recommended to the point that we negotiated a bulk buy so we can offer them at only $499 for the 5.1 package - if you don’t have an A/V Receiver I’d recommend any A/V receiver capable of 40 to 100 watts output per channel. Web Link - http://www.ambertech.com.au/news/new-hide-seek-home-theatre-pack-from-accent-acustic
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