REL T/x Subwoofer Series

REL T/x Subwoofer Series

REL have updated their award-winning T/i series with the latest incarnation known as the T/x series. With direct replacements to last years models the new T/5x, T/7x and range topping T/9x. Each model sports a new cabinet design with rounded edges and a shorter, stockier appearance looking meaner and more attractive than the outgoing models. Newly designed drivers allow for greater excursion for greater output yet faster reaction times for a quite striking improvement in musical fidelity. With each model available in a beautiful gloss black or white finish they’re on to a winning formula of looks, and performance for both music and movie listeners making them a true cross-over subwoofer no matter what your listening habits are.

Available in early May pricing will be as follows: 

REL T/9x $2,599.00

REL T/7x $1,999.00

REL T/5x $1,399.00


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