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           Paradigm PW-600

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You know how I love getting the best sound out of every new box I take home.. well I gotta tell you that the hair (or what passes for hair) stood up on the back of my neck when I connected up the new Paradigm Play Fi PW600 Premium Wireless Speaker! This amazing little device allows you to access music from your computer, phone or stream from one of the Internet services such as Deezer, Spotify, Pandora etc. Straight out of the box, the sound was amazing - full, plenty of bass (far more than the modest box dimensions would indicate) and almost top end HiFi quality. All from a device measuring 26X17X14 cm housing a 5” woofer and two 1” tweeters driven by a 200 Watt (RMS) amplifier. It’s hard to believe this little sound machine has a frequency response of 45 - 20kHz at -2dB. I am not a patient man and generally pay no interest to instruction books but I thought I would look through what was on offer and try to figure out how Anthem’s ARC [ Anthem Room Correction ] could possibly make any difference in such a small speaker box. Bugger me (technical term) that after installing the latest software from the www.paradigm.com/support site it was a breeze to operate. Based in kitchen headquarters and 10 minutes after holding the [ supplied ] microphone, much like looking at premium wines in the glass, I compared the before and after results of ARC. My first test track was  a choice from Deezer - INXS Never Tear Me Apart and the results were staggering – more focus on the voice, bass notes precise and overall depth improved out of sight… even the Claw was impressed as she witnessed every moment! So if you are in the market for a Premium wireless solution even just for one room in the house [ Paradigm Play Fi will play up to 16 zones or more ] then this convert has nothing else to say but buy one – or come to the shop for a demo – then you will buy one. At only $999 retail it sounds like you have a full on system in the room… For larger rooms or if you play really loud, the PW600 has a big brother - the PW-800, available at $1299
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