Optoma Release Two New Stand Out Projectors:

Optoma Release Two New Stand Out Projectors:

Optoma have just released 2 brand new models that have really turned the industry on its head. Firstly the UHD66 is a dedicated home cinema projector using a lamp based light source that delivers a high brightness, high contrast image with a 95% coverage of the DCI-P3 standard for incredible colour range. With specs like this and a performance to match, it is no wonder it has bettered its predecessor in every way. As an immediate replacement for the UHD51 we are expecting this to continue where the UHD51 left off as our biggest selling projector ever! It has a retail price tag of $3699 and is available now.

The second new release, the Optoma UHZ50, is the most exciting of the two units as it does something unseen before in its price range and that is the integration of a laser light source. By utilizing a laser you can maintain a perfect image for up to 20,000 hours without the variation in output associated with lamp based units. The unit runs cooler and is quieter as a result and has an almost immediate start up/cool down time. With a 3000 lumen output and a massive contrast ratio of 2,500,00:1, saying that the image from this unit pops is an understatement. This unit has to been seen to be believed and is an instant staff favourite. Available now for $5299 and in store for demonstration.

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