New Yamaha Turntables:

New Yamaha Turntables:

It’s been over 20 years since Yamaha last released a turntable and now all of a sudden they’ve given us 3 of them! The latest flagship offering is the GT-5000 based on the iconic GT-2000 from the early 80s. Set to be an expensive unit when pricing is released we’re expecting it’ll cost somewhere around the $8k – $9k range aimed squarely at the high-end enthusiast the simply has to have the best. The two models which we’re more interested in are the more modestly priced TT-S303 and TT-N503 with stock expected to arrive in store sometime in November. The TT-S303 offers classic styling with a beautiful glossy black finish, clear acrylic cover, straight tone arm and a built in phono pre-amp for $599. The TT-N503 brings the same performance and features as the TT-S303 but also adds MusicCast. This will allow you to stream content too and from the turntable accross your home network. This model will be more commonly known as the Vinyl 500 and is priced at $899.

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