New Paradigm Defiance V & X Subwoofers:

New Paradigm Defiance V & X Subwoofers:

Paradigm’s latest Defiance series subwoofers have just started arriving with the V10 and V12 now available in store to audition. The latest subwoofers are a decent performance upgrade from the outgoing PDR and DSP series only now offering more features and better value. From the V10 upwards we now get app control allowing for adjustment from the comfort of your seat, ARC calibration for accurate in room optimization and improved musicality.

The premium Defiance X series offer bigger power output, more heavy duty drivers and a larger 15” model for the ultimate home theatre enthusiast. This is how the range will look:

Only retail prices are shown. V series pictured below.

  • Defiance V8 = $749.00
  • Defiance V10 = $999.00
  • Defiance V12 = $1249.00


  • Defiance X10 = $1999.00
  • Defiance X12 = $2499.00
  • Defiance X15 = $2999.00

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