Denon Now Available

Denon Now Available

After nearly 18 months of supply issues with Onkyo, we’ve turned to Denon as a replacement brand to fill the Onkyo boots and boy was this a good decision. With a noticeable uptick in musicality for both their hi-fi and home theatre equipment and a plethora of awards up their sleeves there is something for the most demanding of system needs.
Featuring the latest in 4K/120hz and 8K/60hz hardware support and a large range of musical streaming services such as Spotify Connect, Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer and internet radio, they can truly be used as a one box solution meeting many peoples needs.
The key model in the range is the AVC-X3700H which recently won What Hifi’s Product of the year award, offers huge performance with 9 channels of amplification and 11 channel decoding for a retail price of $2699.
Given that Yamaha’s cheapest 9 channel receiver is now the RX-A6A at $3899, it will slot nicely into the range. The Denon AVC-X3700H is now available in our demonstration lounge to audition.

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