Cambridge Audio Evo All-In-One Network Amplifiers 

Cambridge Audio Evo All-In-One Network Amplifiers 

Cambridge Audio have just release one of the most exciting products we’ve seen in a long time. An all in one amplifier with plenty of connectivity and
access to almost any mainstream streaming service. Finished in a stunningly designed housing this compact unit has beautifully solid weight
and feel to the housing, buttons and front dials. The Evo series are supplied with two different side panels so that you can dress them up to best suit
your décor, a black panel with a lovely wave-like design or a cherry coloured timber panel. A stunning high resolution screen takes up approximately
70% of the front panel with a well thought out layout and lovely animation to the volume control.
The Evo 75 offer 75wpc RMS, analogue and digital inputs, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ethernet connections built in, along with a HDMI ARC connection for a truly all encompassing system.
The Evo 150 takes the 75’s features and builds on them with 150w RMS, balanced XLR input, built in phono stage, second set of speaker outputs
and an improved ESS Sabre DAC.

Already winning some serious praise and awards in the industry these are a highly recommended products and well worth a look. Available in store
now so pop in for a look and listen, you won’t be disappointed.
Pricing is as follows:

Evo 75 – $3,699.00
Evo 150 – $4,699.00

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