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Yamaha AVENTAGE - We are official stockists of Yamaha’s full Aventage line up of premium AV products. We offer expert advice on Aventage and ancillary equipment. We will try to match any genuine advertised price on Yamaha Aventage Products (In Stock Items Only)
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Blog updates:
30th October 2020: Premium-quality Sound with Yamaha Speakers: At Eastwood HiFi we know and appreciate quality sound systems when we see and hear them. As part of our product offering our purchasing team has handpicked to supply the Yamaha range of quality sound products. As a premium quality producer of speakers, Yamaha has a good reputation in the sound space and offers an unrivalled suite of various types of speakers ranging from their exceptional quality floor- standing speaker sets, sleek designed in-wall and in-ceiling speakers with ready to mount systems straight out of the box, through to their aesthetically designed entertainers delight outdoor speakers. Yamaha have no shortage of speakers on offer which allows our customers degrees of flexibility as customers are bound to find the right design that will blend in with their homes. Customers who choose to opt for the Yamaha suite of products will enjoy impressive aspects of Yamahas floor-standing speaker range which offer a variety of specs from their entry level speakers retailing from around $2,000 through to a full spec range with a retail price tag of $10,000. We’ve found that once customers experience the Yamaha difference, no speakers compare and then all speakers in their home have to be Yamaha. With Yamaha’s suite of sound options you will be the envy of all your home guests after installing a Yamaha in-wall or in-ceiling speakers in your home theatre system. Yamaha Subwoofers: It’s not uncommon for us to speak to a customer that is after a premium home audio system who has purchased speakers and soon realises that their home theatre system is simply just not giving them the oomph they’re after. That “oomph” we’re talking about here is what our range of top- quality Yamaha sub woofers can deliver. To quickly clear the air on subwoofers, these are the loud speakers that have the job of managing and transmitting low frequencies or as others call it, bass. Regardless of whether you have previously opted for Yamaha ceiling speakers, Yamaha floor standing speakers or you maybe just want to add to your Yamaha home theatre system, Yamaha sub woofers will add that extra kick you need for your audio. By opting for a Yamaha subwoofer you receive all the benefits of choosing a premium product that is beautifully crafted with an aesthetic casing and will make a great edition to any home theatre system. With the entry level Yamaha subwoofer starting at around $750, the team at Eastwood HiFi would be glad to discuss your requirements and what the best unit is for your use. Who Is Yamaha? If you have happened to ever walk through any major electronics retailer there’s a high chance that you’ve observed Yamaha products throughout the store and that is for good reason, as they are a quality supplier of sound and audio products and they haven’t just popped up overnight out of nowhere. With the high chance that you’ve heard of Yamaha before, we can appreciate where the company is now but how did they get so good at what they do? And where did they start? Any business who has had enormous success is always good to investigate and know more about as when you purchase any product, you’re also buying the brand and the reputation that comes with it. Naturally, prior to committing more time researching speakers produced by Yamaha followed by investing your hard earned capital you might want to know more about Yamaha as a company. Yamaha has history dating back to 1887 when its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, repaired a broken reed organ in 1887. With a newfound interest, he successfully completed the first reed organ to be built in Japan shortly after. Since the inception of Yamaha over one hundred and thirty years ago, the company has continued to go from strength to strength in both its progression with technology as well as growth. You can be assured that a company like Yamaha that has already been operating for over one hundred and thirty years will likely continue to operate for another century as a reliable manufacturer of speakers and other household entertainment products. At Eastwood HiFi we have handpicked Yamaha to be stocked at our stores for good reason, as they offer premium products and we are proud to offer their products to any customers that shops with us.