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Yamaha AVENTAGE - We are official stockists of Yamaha’s full Aventage line up of premium AV products. We offer expert advice on Aventage and ancillary equipment. We will try to match any genuine advertised price on Yamaha Aventage Products (In Stock Items Only)
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Blog updates:
6th October 2020: Authorised Yamaha Dealer: Yamaha is one of the premier brands for music and sound. Whether it is Yamaha speakers, a Yamaha CD Player or Yamaha Stereo amplifier, you can always guarantee that when you purchase a Yamaha product that it is top of the line and of brilliant quality. That is why at Eastwood HiFi we take pride in being an authorise Yamaha dealer. From stocking a whole range of Yamaha audio products, we are also authorised sellers of Yamaha’s Aventage range of premium AV products. One of the perks of purchasing the Yamaha Aventage line through Eastwood HiFi is that we are able to price match any of the products we have in stock, so you will get the best price partnered with the quality Eastwood HiFi service. More than just stocking premium Yamaha products, being an authorised seller means that we are also able to offer expert advice on not just the Aventage range, but all of our Yamaha range. Delivering Australia wide, when it comes to getting the best range of Yamaha products with all the advice you need to purchase the right products to suit your needs, there is no place better to look than Eastwood HiFi. We are an authorised dealer for a reason. Range of Yamaha Speakers: For sound-quality, no matter how you like to listen to your music, there is not much better on the market than Yamaha speakers. With a range that will entice audiophiles across the globe, their speakers have found their way into so many different households. Whether you are a music aficionado, wanting to experience music in the highest quality possible or want to bring the sound of the cinema to life in your lounge room- there are speakers to suit your ideal set up. Yamaha in- ceiling and in-wall speakers come with ready to mount systems out of the box, so as soon as they arrive at your door you can set them around your living room or home in the ideal places. There are also floor-standing speaker sets, which give you the flexibility to move them and change the locations. Offering a variety of specs in this range, going from two thousand dollars for a beginner level range to an impressive set of speakers that are reserved for those who really love their sound for around ten thousand dollars. Yamaha also have different designs for the speakers, so you can find the right style to suit the aesthetic of your home without worrying about if they stand out. Providing the subtle, small speakers, the outdoor speakers to bring the party all around your home to some of the most decked out sets, Yamaha has speakers for all tastes and occasions. If you are unsure how to make your first investment into the high definition audio world of Yamaha, then Eastwood HiFi is the best place to contact. We can point you in the right direction and have you enjoying quality sound in your own home in no time. Yamaha Home Theatre System: Ever dreamed of having that cinema experience at home? Even if you have the big screen television, the comfortable seats and the cinema aesthetics, without an impressive sound system to go with that television, you might as well be watching a movie on your laptop. Yamaha home theatre systems are the purchase to really bring the things you love the most about the theatre into the comfort of your own home. That’s right, you can wear your pyjamas and not have to worry about sneaking any snacks in! The essence of a quality home system is the speakers, and that is what puts the Yamaha Home Theatre system up so high. With incredible audio quality, well placed speakers will bring any movie to life so consider Yamaha for your home theatre system. With Eastwood HiFi being an authorised Yamaha dealer, not only do we have access to some the premium Yamaha lines, but we will be able to help you find the best set up to suit your space. From those in-ceiling speakers and to the ones placed perfectly to create that all around, surround sound experience, let us help you put together the perfect Yamaha Home Theatre System so you start watching movies with the best audio-visuals possible.