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Yamaha AVENTAGE - We are official stockists of Yamaha’s full Aventage line up of premium AV products. We offer expert advice on Aventage and ancillary equipment. We will try to match any genuine advertised price on Yamaha Aventage Products (In Stock Items Only)
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Blog updates:
10th September 2020: Home Audio Experience: With many of us having to spend the majority of our spare time finding something to do at home, it has never been a better time to upgrade your home audio system. Whether you are wanting to create the cinematic experience at home or wanting fill the void of going to concerts, upgrading your home audio system will allow you experience all the sounds you love that you may be missing during these times. With the range available from Yamaha, not only will you be able to purchase or upgrade your receivers but Yamaha speakers come in a variety of different types. You can get ceiling speakers, speaker towers, speakers that can stand alone or ones that you can install around the room, subwoofers and if you want to get that real music festival feel or enhance your entertaining environment, you can even purchase Yamaha outdoor speakers. There are so many ways you can combine the speakers, receivers, CD players, record players and other equipment therefore if you like to listen to your music loud and in amazing quality, then Eastwood HiFi can help you on your journey to find the perfect setup for your home. As a proud stockist of Yamaha, we know they are  a name that is synonymous with incredible audio quality therefore it makes sense to us that if you want to recreate those big and dynamic sounds in the comfort of your own home, then Yamaha speakers and audio equipment is definitely the right purchase to make. Unlock the potential of your home environment and get that perfect audio experience. Don’t Get Rid of Your CDs and Records: Music streaming sites like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and others have made it easy to access music from around the world with as simple as a WIFI connection. With “pass the Aux cord” coming a common colloquialism, plugging your phone or device in via Auxiliary input, USB or even Bluetooth has made the listening experience at home all that more fun. With various different types of wireless speakers too, you can listen to music on the move. While it is amazing that we have all this music at the click of our fingers, there is something to be said about sticking with the classics like CD’s and records. What is old is new again and Yamaha understands that some people do still really like to listen to music via CD and vinyl so they have kept updating their range of CD players and turntables. These CD Players and turntables are able to be fitted with the rest of your Yamaha speakers and home audio systems so you will still be able to have the full surround sound experience if you wish too. There is nothing quite like than pulling out a CD or a record and enjoying it with quality sound in your own home. Do not let that music collection go to waste, with many artists still releasing music in physical form, Yamaha’s audio range is making sure that you will still be able to enjoy music without an internet connection. Why Eastwood HiFi for Yamaha: Just like Yamaha has a reputation of being a quality brand for audio equipment, Eastwood HiFi has built a solid reputation that does not just lie on stocking quality home audio equipment. Eastwood HiFi is not just a shop; it is a full service. Purchasing home audio and home theatre goods can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you do not know where to start which is why Eastwood HiFi helps you work through the range of products we have on offer and we help you build the ultimate set up. No matter what your interests or what your needs are, we can help you work within your budget to find the perfect equipment for your home. If it is Yamaha speakers you are looking for or if you want a full home theatre system, Eastwood HiFi has the range, the experience and know how to get what you want from the site and into your home. You will be experience movies in surround sound and music at the best quality possible in no time. Just give us a call and we can help you get started.