Average Movie, Great soundtrack:

Average Movie, Great soundtrack:

Earlier this month we saw the release of the movie Tomb Raider and being a bit of a nerd it was one that I was quite keen to see. The movie follows Lara Croft, a young twenty-something year old on her journey across the world to a mythical island with the intent of solving the mystery behind her fathers disappearance. As a fan of the Tomb Raider games I really wanted to like this movie adaptation and whilst there were some fantastic aspects to this release the movie itself wasn’t the most memorable.This isn’t a movie review, more of a recommendation for a top notch 4K video presentation and soundtrack to really show your system off. I’ve sat at home and watched/listened to a few key scenes at least 4-5 times now and it always blows me away the most memorable being the boat crash about 35 minutes in. It truly tests every aspect of an Atmos setup and I heavily recommend a watch (maybe a rent if not a buy.) If you’ve just bought a new setup and want a disc to really show what a system can do then it is at the top of my list for the time being. Just note that the Atmos soundtrack is not the default track and needs to be picked. The standard soundtrack is good but the Atmos track takes it to another level.

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