HiFi Audio Shop Australia


Eastwood Hi Fi caters for the “realistic” Audiophile – i.e. ones who have a modicum of intelligence when it comes to the physics and chemistry involved in the reproduction of music via electronic means.

Having trained in music, metallurgy and electronics in my younger days, you’re not going to get me to argue for expensive speaker cables, interconnects and accessories. Cables do make a difference, but not to the extent that the blood suckers from most of the “up market” stores may have you believe. If you’re considering speaker cable above $50 metre or ANY type of interconnect above $299, you’ve been bullshitted to!

In fact, usually, you need not spend above $6.00 metre for speaker cable and $30 – $100 for interconnects. Most differences you hear in A/B comparisons are a pure psychoacoustic phenomenon – the usual rule of thumb is to pay around 5% of the system price on interconnects – speaker cable is a different ball park ’cause it depends on the length of run, size of speaker and total power to be transferred – just hope the salesman knows what he’s talking about!

If you need help in your quest, bring in a sketch of your room and seating position, a couple of CD’s (or USB stick or we can stream pretty much anything) and a rough budget. Keep an open mind and don’t believe ANY reviews ’cause they are all biased in some way (especially those Pommie magazines). No brand snobs either – the speaker/room combination is more important than any other factor.

Still, with us?

Good, then have a troll around and let’s have some fun.