Paradigm Defiance X10 10″ Subwoofer


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Defiance X10 subwoofers deliver pure power, unleashed by clean, efficient amplification. With app control and Anthem Room Correction (ARC®), you’ll have powerful, perfectly balanced bass at your fingertips.


Ultimate, Uncompromising Bass.
Everything is maximized with the new Defiance X10 subwoofers. Output is massive, thanks to heavy-duty, internally-braced cabinets, and Active Ridge Technology (ART™) for maximum driver-excursion. Massive SPL levels are coupled with precision control, intense detail and vanishingly low distortion. Completely Crafted in Canada, Defiance X10 outperforms every sub in their class.

Key Features

  • Design: 10″ (254 mm) Driver with ART™ Surround
  • 300W RMS (600W Dynamic Peak), Class-D™ amplifier,
  • App controlled via smartphone,
  • Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) Included.

Subwoofer Control App
Simplify setup & tuning with the free Paradigm Subwoofer Control App*, available for iOS and Android devices. The app controls volume, low-pass filter, phase, deep bass and much more from the comfort of your listening chair. It features three preset listening modes and a built-in shortcut to the Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) app.

Optional Wireless Module
Place your subwoofer anywhere in your room, with no inconvenient cabling, and without sacrificing speed or performance. The Defiance WT Wireless Module* (sold separately)features fast and clear 2.4 GHz dynamic frequency selection with instant error correction and a 50ft range.

Anthem Room Correction (ARC®)
Using the included microphone, ARC® measures your space, compares it to lab standard using proprietary advanced DSP algorithms, and instantly removes performance-robbing anomalies. The result is easy to hear: realistically blended, accurately rendered deep bass. Professional room correction at the touch of a button.

  • Design: 10" (254 mm) Driver with ART™ Surround, 300W RMS (600W Dynamic Peak), Class-D™ amplifier, App controlled via smartphone, Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) Included.
  • Amplifier: 600 watts Dynamic Peak; 300 watts RMS
  • Amplifier Features: Auto-On / Off, improved soft-clipping circuitry
  • Room Correction: Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) Included
  • Frequency Response On-Axis: ±3 dB from 29Hz – 240Hz
  • Low Pass Filter Frequency: Variable 30Hz - 120Hz
  • Low Frequency Driver: 10" (254 mm) ART™ Surround with carbon-loaded polypropylene cone
  • Low Frequency Extension: 24 Hz (DIN)
  • Sub / Sat Phase Alignment: Variable 0° - 180° App or Control Panel
  • Sensitivity Room / Anechoic: 100mV mono (max. volume) /
  • Impedance: RCA: 10k ohms
  • Finishes: Satin Black
  • Inputs: Two RCA (L/R-Mono) for L/R lineout or Sub-Out/LFE-Out of receiver/processor or other line-level source, Micro USB (For ARC™ and Firmware Updates)
  • Compatible Products: Defiance WT Wireless Kit (sold separately)
  • Weight: 42 lbs. (19.1 kg)
  • Dimensions HxWxD: 15" × 16.5 × 15.75"(38.1cm × 43.7 × 40cm)

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 50 × 48 × 50 cm